Media has changed your accent

I don’t do an extravagant amount of travel. However, I do watch a lot of videos on the internet, BBC on the TV, and talk on the phone to people all over the globe. Even as a child I watched a lot of TV shows on PBS from England. I have found one thing that over time has changed to me. Media has changed our accent.

This is my own hypothesis but I have found that with the world getting smaller and smaller because of TV and internet Texans don’t sound so southern. New Yorkers don’t sound so different. British people don’t sound so British and people from India sound more like people from down the street. Of course there are exceptions but in general this is true.

I am keeping an objective mind to this because I know how I felt crowds were much louder at sporting events when I was a kid but when you grow up people don’t seem as tall either. Take that idea for a stroll around your neighborhood and see what you find. I hope this doesn’t make your ears overly keen though. You may start to notice all the differences you never noticed before.

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