Haiku please stop

When I say Haiku I’m not referring to the poems nor is it a misspelling of the social networking site Jaiku.  I’m talking about the open source operating system being built.  It’s still in Alpha release and you can’t download an installable copy yet but you can get a vmware virtual machine of it.  My only conclusion… please… Let Be OS die peacefully.

Here’s the history.  Once upon a time someone made an operating system call Be OS.  I remember checking this out in the mid 90’s and it looked great!  It was made to take full advantage of your PC and originally ran on it’s own hardware (BeBox).  Sad as it may be it was just one of those things that never took off.  Palm Software eventually bought the company and that was it for Be OS.  Out of it’s ashes came Haiku.  People are still working on making it like Be OS but it’s just too late.  All the cool stuff is in Linux, and BSD (which in turn benefits Mac OSX) now.

Why stop?   One reason above all others… Help the team to win.  The resources that people are putting toward this could be used enhance Linux and BSD.  If they enhance BSD then Mac OSX will get these benefits added to it’s Darwin core.  I’m a big believer in breaking off and treading new ground but from what I can see.  You’re not.  I favor you helping Linux but let’s just all be friends and make cool software that enhances everyone’s life.

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