Bad haircut Tuesdays or Microsoft patch Tuesday

I know I must bore my wife enough with computer talk just like I do about sports talk.  This time she intrigued me with a great correlation.  I was explaining to her what “Patch Tuesday” is.  Once a month on a Tuesday Microsoft issues new fixes to Windows and Vista.  She said that should be called “Bad haircut Tuesday.”  Its funny because Microsoft has become such a big corporation fixed on quick releases that it just puts out a product and figures it’ll fix a lot after that.  This happens though.  Microsoft gets a lot of flack but patches are a part of every operating system because they can’t think of everything.
What I find funny is Microsoft’s arrogance when I heard an interview on one of’s podcast security now. Marc Maiffret of  eEye Digital Security finds many holes and submits them to  Microsoft to be fixed before they even know.  Thing is, they don’t listen to him and their legion of programmers don’t try to fix these problems till weeks or even months later.

How do we fix this? Marc Maiffret fixes his own problems.  He makes a Anti-virus Firewall that is great.  I’ll review it on Friday.

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