Women in technology: Role models needed, please…

picture of Carly Fiorina (former CEO of HP and Gwen Stephani)
Maybe because it’s because of Father’s Day that I’ve been inspired to write this post on women in tech. You see, it started as most of my brainstorms do with one look at my 5 year old daughter. As my mind started to drift into one of those TV show dream sequences beginning with one of those showers of distorted wavy lines and drowsy music. I thought to myself who would I like for my daughter to model herself after. Of course immediately the industry I had in mind was technology. Thing is, I couldn’t think of a good one for her. Maybe it’s my criteria.

You see, I think of raising complete adults. My basis for life is healthy mind, body, and spirit. However, I like most parents want the icing. Ambitious, stylish, beautiful, and good speaker/conversation. Why is Carly Fiorina (former CEO of HP) the closest I could come up with? Help me here. I need suggestions for business or technology women of all ethnicities. Honestly, brains does count more than looks but looks and style open doors in every arena. On the same note Janet Reno does turn this whole argument upside down.

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  1. soupornuts says:

    I don’t think that you should worry too much about a role model for your daughter. From the little that I’ve been able to deduce from your writings here and your wife’s at Special 2 me, it seems that you guys have your priorities in order and your daughter will not have to look any further than the two of you for excellent role models.

  2. phillip says:

    I know I am a blessed man. My wife is a fantastic role model and a great teacher. I’m just hoping she goes into her daddy’s field of expertise.

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