Drobo or loco?

For all you really techy types there’s a new RAID storage device called Drobo.


It’s a storage device that takes any combination of 3 SATA hard disks and combines them into on USB storage unit in RAID 5 fashion. Could I have done this with an old computer, SATA card and Linux/BSD OS of my choice? Yes… but it looks so cool.

At $700 and no plans of wifi or gigabit ethernet call me really un-cool.

3 Responses to “Drobo or loco?”

  1. Jim Schaff says:

    Just an update on price. Drobo was launched at $499 MSRP, and is generally available through many online retailers or through Data Robotics direct.

  2. phillip says:

    Thanks Jim. I noticed that after I posted this that it did go onsale for $499. A little more enticing. I’ll have to keep my eye on this product. Hopefully it drops in price a little more. Hey, I’m a little cheap.

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