10 things to add $10,000 to your income by Fall

Summer is here. It’s not like when you were a kid though. You don’t all of a sudden have nothing to do for months (well, except teachers for the most part). You have work or a business to attend to and probably children. Well, here’s a list I’ve compiled that should help most of you use summer to change your life for the better. I’ve helped many people change jobs or get promoted and it usually seems a least a ten thousand dollar increase. Some of the steps may seem very mundane but believe me, you’ll reap the benefits soon and into the future.
1) See what others are making and doing

Look on the internet (not at work) for job sites like monster, careerbuilder, or dice and see what people in the job you want to do are making. Looking for the jobs paying the most and the job descriptions and see what you need to learn or even better if you need to apply. Also, go to google and search for resumes. In the google search bar you can type in a phrase like: “resume ceo filetype:doc” This will return resumes of people all over doing that job and what they’re doing or have done in Word format. See what you need to do and do it.

2) Learn how to use 1 new application

For every profession there is at least 1 program you could learn to use that really would make you a star. Presentation software (Powerpoint, etc.) can help you look great leading meetings. IT guys might substitute application with programming language (ie PHP, Ruby). Upper level staff and financial people might want to learn SAP or Peoplesoft because many big companies use them.

3) Be seen at summer parties

You don’t need to lose 30lbs or be the talk of the town but you do need to be seen. Most opportunities don’t come from what you know but who you know. So meet some new people and just talk and get their info.

4) Use your Tivo/DVR to learn

Tivo’s and DVR’s usually allow you to search for show by categories. Look up HOWTO shows or shows in your field of expertise (ie Business). Knowing just your job may put you on the slow train to success but knowing your field well gets your there at break-neck speeds. Also use it to fill in the gaps on subjects that you want to know more about. You’ll be a star at the water cooler and you’ll find people coming to you soon for information.

5) Don’t buy that new car

I’m not just talking about not buying a car but adding expenses. Look at what you’re wasting money on. You could be throwing $10,000 out the window every year. Make a list of where your check goes. Many times you’ll find that you’re not just wasting money but wasting your time. As we’ve all heard before, “Time is money.”

6) Clean up your files and office

In this digital age I find companies spend tons of money on ideas like knowledge management and other fancy terms to just find all the great information that’s floating around on their network. Instead, teaching people to organize their information in easy to access ways makes everyone more effecient allowing you to get more done in less time and be more prepared. Being prepared leads to confidence which makes you get noticed.

7) Watch the tech stocks and invest well

I’m just partial to the tech stocks because I’m a techy but if you don’t already know about stocks LEARN. A president of a huge company once gave me a book on stocks when I was young in the industry. He said, “One of the keys to being successful is not just knowing and doing but knowing what to do with your money so it makes money for you.” Doesn’t just have to be stocks but read some books on investing wisely. They’ll pay for themselves 10 fold.

8) Social networking

Myspace, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. They seem silly and just for the kids a lot of times but you wouldn’t believe the statistics on how many people are connecting on these services. Dive in and meet some people in your field or the area you want to go. Even better, find your current real life friends on there. Once again, being seen puts you in people’s minds. When you’re in people’s minds your abilities will be the first things that come out of their mouths when they’re talking to someone about a similar thing. This is viral networking. You’re meeting people who may want to offer you things or give you money and you may be in another city asleep at the time.

9) Pick up a new skill that is fun and impressive

This one’s easy. Golf, sail, ski, knit, play guitar or piano, learn to do pottery. I play basketball as well as other things. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve turned into clients of give me great leads without me ever implying I even need business or an opportunity. On the same note I’ve heard of jobs from someone else and told a person after the game that they might want to get in contact with someone. This even happens for women in sewing or knitting groups.

10) Blogs and Podcasts

I enjoy meeting people and reply to emails and comments quickly (comments sometimes by email). Other bloggers and podcasts may too. Your suggestions for articles, videos, posts, etc. could get you labeled as an expert in your field. That’s always good for the portfolio and good to mention in an interview you’ll have this fall.

All these are habits you need to form that won’t just pay today. They may get you $20,000 the year after.

Feel free to network with me. Leave comments or email me and I’ll get you all my social networking info. or instant message info.

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  1. soupornuts says:

    I forgot to answer the question, so I get to rewrite my comment. This is a great post. I especially like point #8 – “being seen” definitely leads to increased awareness. I have considered joining Linkedin, but have been hesitant to date due to the amount of time I am spending in the development and startup up a couple (3) new businesses. It seems that once you get on a roll, it’s hard to stop.

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