What’s new today is the refreshing attitude of a child.  That can actually be new everyday.

I have 4 children ranging from a teenager graduating from High School to a 5 year old girl that wants to play with Barbies.  What I must highly recommend is letting your children get their feet wet starting early on in their lives.  I must admit that my house is more teched out than most however, even when my older children were young and we didn’t have all the toys we play with now I used the same philosophy.  Get them to using your computer starting at age 3.

Now, now.  Don’t be scared.  All the spreadsheets won’t get erased during a game of Hannah Montana on Disney Channel. I would warn you though to make sure to move most if not all of your links or programs that are on your desktop into folders elsewhere on you computer before letting them run wild.  Browsers crash or get minimized by accident sometimes and there are all those great pictures that they can move or delete.

Here’s some good ideas:

For young children:  www.pbskids.org , www.noggin.com, www.disneychannel.com, and of course www.barbie.com .

Preteens:  www.cartoonnetwork.com, www.math.comkids.yahoo.com and www.discoverychannel.com

Trust me.  HOURS of wholesome entertainment and learning that can keep them occupied and mentally stimulated.

Two caveats though.  Your kids do need to get out and play and not sit at the computer all day.  Secondly, PLEASE make sure to run anti-virus and spyware/adware scans often.  You don’t want pop-ups coming up while your child is focused on the right thing only to see half naked girls or a casino.

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