Widget Heaven/Hell


If you haven’t already done so check out a real lifesaver. They’re called Widgets. They’re hard to explain but they’re little programs that just run on your computer doing all kinds of usefull stuff. They’re not actual programs that run on their own but under a program called a widget engine. I HIGHLY suggest this over a crazy Weatherbug program or other spyware that say they aren’t spyware.

I’ve got to say I’ve been interested in getting into stock trading. Years ago I used to have an Excel spreadsheet and keep track of what I’d gained or lost. Well, I hate this widget but love it. I pick a stock and the price I bought it at and it keeps me up to date all day on what I would have made. I love it because I’m making money on good picks. I hate it because I haven’t actually put the money down on these stocks so I’m not making any money. Sucks.

Yahoo took over this company called Konfabulator a while back and so now the program can be found at widgets.yahoo.com and there’s actually a blog at widgets.yahoo.com/blog. There are many widgets to find but the one I’m using is called XR Stock Gain by Jae Lee at XRProductions.com.

Quick tip: Always change the widget’s opacity because you’ll get really annoyed seeing something on the side of your screen all day.

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