Emotional support rather than tech support

With Father’s day on the way it may seem a little inappropriate but I’d like to give homage to my wife.  I think that a great source for your career motivation can be the person that is right there all the time and hopefully helping motivate you to keep living.

That’s the excitement in life.  Finding new vigor in what you do from someone that doesn’t know anything about it.  My wife had become inspired by blogging (specialedandme.wordpress.com) and has put a lot of time and effort into it.  She’s been reaping the rewards of her work lately with successful links and reviews lately and pushing me to further my own blogging.  Who would have thought that you’d find insight into what you do from someone that’s new to it.

That’s the joy of teaching.  I love to push the bike until the training wheels fall of and the child peddles away into the sunset. She’s now officially the Blogmeister.

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