eMachines or Voss water?

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A week ago I neglected writing posts because I was at a funeral in Texas and stayed the week in a small city outside Houston. As is the case in my local family I have the same situation with my family all over. Computer guys are an anomaly. I really like it even though it does cause problems at times (i.e. my post “I don’t have a spare anything“). I found myself going from house to house looking at people’s computers and doing electrical work. Seeing as how most of the city seems to be related to me I did do a lot of meeting people as well as solving problems with my dad as tour guide extraordinaire.

A problem that I’ve been seeing over and over again is the eMachine. I used to think that a computer is a computer. It didn’t really as long as you got the basic parts right but I’ve got to say that I’ve definitely proved myself wrong. I was working on a cousin’s computer in Texas and it just had the weirdest problems. I found, with no surprise, that it was once again an eMachine. No sooner had I gotten home than two other people called me with problems and their computers were eMachines as well. The usual problem seemed to be a need to replace the motherboard. This is a fairly innocuous part of a computer even though it shouldn’t be overlooked in a really fast and reliable computer when you’re building one for yourself.

This made me think. Why are people buying them? If you have one and are reading this right now using one you may have asked your computer guy about them and he may have said, “They’re ok I guess.” I admit it. I’m guilty! I’ve told people that before because I discounted the times that they messed up for me because I don’t like to sully someone’s name for no good reason. That time is over.

The culmination of my post came when my wife bought a bottle of Voss water last night because she wanted to see how good it was. Voss costs more than all the other bottled waters and usually is in a glass container.


I even knew a lady once that wanted to look rich by refilling her bottle with regular water over and over again so people would think she bought them every day. With all this madness I still can’t understand. It’s just water! A computer’s a computer and water’s just water. What’s the difference in these two experiences.

Voss water does something very well. It packages the experience. To tell you the truth the water didn’t taste much different than many other waters to me but my wife could tell the difference. eMachine sells the most basic cheap computers on the market. Voss sells water. However, Voss sells water in an elegant simple bottle made of glass. Are you a Voss person?

I don’t like to tell people what to do or what to be. That’s up to you and I love to support people in their pursuit of their goals. However, both of these are extremes. Voss in relation to computers is the Sony Vaio. A lot of money and very pretty on the outside but no better experience than any other. eMachine is like water out of the garden hose. It’ll quench your thirst for a while but if you keep drinking it a lot you may end up with a bad taste in your mouth and an odd curiousity in the back of your mind if there were any times you caught the first couple sips out the hose and may have swallowed a bug that will effect you later.

Find a middle ground. Be frugal but smart. Compaq and HP had computers almost totally as cheap as the eMachine and Fuji’s water offers almost the same experience with less cost. If you’re even more into seeming rich you have another problem. Read “The Millionaire Next Door” that’ll fix that problem.

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