Building a school of life

Life wasn’t easy but I realized that it gets easier with age and wise decisions (another learned skill).

Call me a dreamer but one of my plans is to teach youth the skills in business and computers that they don’t get on their own. These things are just tools everyone needs to understand and use. I’m still flushing out the details but I look at empty buildings and dream about making my school there.

I started writing this blog a week ago but ended up talking to my cousin Caren about a very similar subject to this and she brought me to some great insights that my wife and I hadn’t come to.  If you haven’t already, read the book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad.”  Children go by what their parents taught them.  Most parents think you should go to school and get a good job.  That’s what the “Poor dad” taught his son.  The “Rich dad” taught his son that learning is great but in the end you want to own a company not work for one.

This fueled my zeal in making this become a reality.  My dad didn’t teach me to work 40 years and retire.  He taught me to changes jobs every couple years to different industries and in about 10 years you’ll be invaluable to every company and will truly be in the driver’s seat of your life.  These words proved to be very wise.  They gave me a 360 degree perspective of the computer industry.

Do your children, niece(s), nephew(s), or any other youth you know a couple good lessons in life.  1) Own… don’t follow, 2) Invest your money smart and it will work for you not you for it, 3) Know what you do well and be good at it and opportunities will reveal themselves.

Thanks to My wife Leila and cousin Caren.

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