I don’t have a spare anything

My post today is inspired by a documentary I was watching this weekend. I’m not a big fan of nostalgic cars but a show was on about muscle cars from the 70’s. This made me think. Those cars were going faster than a lot of the street legal cars today. How could this be? Well, due to the gas crisis they faded away like dinosaurs in favor of economy cars.

This made me think about old computers. People throw away more computers that can do everything they want them to do and more. I have so many computers that I’ve taken everything off of and stripped and made perfectly usable machines using Linux instead of Windows or even just stripping Windows down. All the kids in my neighborhood and in my family come over and I’ll set up a lot of computers for holidays so everyone can get on their Myspace pages or network video games. The problem is that now everyone thinks I’m super rich and can spare computers. The “He has so many and he can’t spare us one?” look comes just before the question.

I’m an extremely giving person with my time, money, and company but this causes a problem at times. I have extra computers but they come with a disclaimer. “This computer is a little slow, low on hard drive space, etc.” People don’t listen to disclaimers, though. Every time, within a couple weeks or so I’ll get, “This one’s slow. It needs this. It needs that. It won’t play this game.” All of which I already know, but people’s requirements are different when they just want something to get on the internet with, write some papers, and balance their checkbook. The next thing you know, you’re the rich snob that doesn’t really care about them.
I can make anything do almost anything but at what cost to my reputation? If you’re one of these people, I want to help you. I really really do. However, I don’t have a spare anything. I don’t have any spare pieces that I’ll be required to service forever. Any spare computers that won’t play the newest 3D games. I don’t have a spare anything.

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