Is there anything else for me to measure?

In my constant evolution as a person I may attack things a little differently than some. However, I think it needs being said that these things should be good ideas for whatever career you may choose to be in. In my life I set people as guides to what I wanted to be. My dad for most things, my brother Derwin for basketball, Ray for women, Ronnie for business skills, etc.
As a rookie computer guy I looked at my boss’ boss and said “by 35 I want to be that person.” This kind of thing motivated me to do great things. I got that job title at 29! My dad now thinks calls me to solve problems to impress his friends and all my other idols consider me a peer.

The problem now is a good and a bad one. I don’t know what to measure. I started my consulting company 3 years ago with a odd problem. Visualize and design my own future freehand.

Tell me if you have this problem or something similar. If not, maybe you need a guide to push your bike until you realize you can propel this bike called life on your own in any direction you like.

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