Are we too connected? Now there’s Jaiku

Do you… Jaiku?
I’m an addict of the internet. I do it so that I’ll have great things to bring you. I’m on Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, Friendster, LinkedIn, Frappr, Digg, etc, etc, etc. Now, I just joined a site called Jaiku. Jaiku is like Twitter in that you can get constant information on where your friends are and what they are doing if they type it on the computer or on their cell phone.

Let’s start by saying, I’m not a very secretive guy. However, the thought of putting so much about me out there to everyone seemed silly to me just a little while ago. How does the internet end up stripping this ideal of protected information from our minds? Do we all just need one more “friend” on Myspace to be comfortable? Maybe if you tell me you’re having fun at a party on Twitter I will be validated because you thought to write.
I liken it to riot mentality. Normal people that are usually civil are found to be in the middle of riots. They will burn down buildings and trash cars like all the others. Why? Like a river all the molecules of water start working together and form a perfect object. What will this riot mentality body of Internet users become?

I don’t know but I want you to be my friend. Instant Message me on AIM, be my friend on Myspace, link me to what sites your looking at on or tell me what you’re doing on Jaiku. After this site I’m truly done. I will truly feel complete!!!

On second thought let me check Plaxo and see if I’m in this all alone. Jaiku me soon (I love weird names like that).

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  1. Leila says:

    I don’t know. I think that I’m pretty set with my juno account, my Juno account, and my gmail account. Well, maybe I just need…..

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