Tip: Linux for all my friends

I don’t know if you’ve heard about this but there isn’t just Windows or Mac out there. There’s Linux and it ROCKS!!! Use it at work or at home.
I use a flavor called Kubuntu (a version of Ubuntu if you’ve heard of it) and it’s worth a try. The best part is… it’s free and it can’t get virus’ or spyware. Sound good? Why doesn’t anyone else know about this? They do. The majority of websites in the world are using Linux with the Apache web server and behind the pretty face of a Mac is Linux’s cousin Freebsd.
I’ll show you that you’re abilities are endless as time goes on.

Warning: Don’t trust any computer guy that puts it down that doesn’t know how to use it. Sticking with the safe stuff is comfortable but like I’ve said before keeping an open mind can lead to big rewards.

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