Life is but a game

My wife has been getting on me about getting back to my blogging so I’m going to keep this site full of content for you starting today.

I tend to watch a lot of sports and work on computers a lot. Therefore I seem to find the correlation between both and life situations. I find myself telling my kids about something and explaining using a sports analogy. This leads to my thought of the day.

I’m really big on helping anyone improve themselves if I have the ability to. In playing basketball recently I came across a guy that is a good player but lacks some key things to make his game really good. Now, I’m not one to impose my thoughts if you don’t want them however this person asked. I told him the solutions and like clockwork he resumes doing the same things as he did before to my disappointment and the frustration of his team.

If this time was the first this wouldn’t be so bad. However, it’s a persistent problem even though I am a very patient and persistent person I’ve given up on trying.

In life you will encounter these kinds of people. On this site I want to change the people that are like this as well as grow from your help. I’m trying to be the “Ultimate computer guy.” The afore mentioned person will be the same way in 20 years and I don’t want this to be you.

I’m going to introduce some things that may make your life simpler as well as things that you may not think will work for you. Keep an open mind. I’m here to break some habits that you might have been living with for no good reason.

Think of it this way, Tiger Woods is probably the greatest golfer in the world EVER. Why does he have a coach for his swing?

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